Trash Mash-Up is thrilled to be featured in Japan’s leading eco-life style magazine, Sotokoto.  The article features international nonprofits that are changing the world.  Below is a translation of the article.

 Volunteer Life 100!:  People Changing People.  People Changing the world.  Chikara’s Top Picks.  text by Maki Gigi illustration by Kin Shiotani

This is the time for international nonprofit organization from all over the world to work together to create a global society.  Chikara International has picked 13 of the best organizations changing the world with their humor and sincerity.

Make Costumes from “Disposable Materials” and Have Fun in Parades
Trash Mash-Up, America

Before items are thrown away, Trash Mash-Up collects usable plastic bags and CDs and makes them into costumes and wears them in parades.  Trash Mash-Up, an art project from San Francisco, creates costumes designs which are based on traditional cultures from around the world, making its parades filled with brilliant colors and cultures.