tmu_33The founding members of Trash Mash-Up are Bridget and Jessica McCracken, a sister team who graduated from the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre and San Francisco State University. Drawing from their talent for creating original theatrical productions and their commitment to serving their community, Trash Mash-Up shares cultural traditions with diverse communities in public performances and workshops. Reducing waste by using trash to make art, TMU reminds all of San Francisco that one person’s trash could become an entire city’s treasure.

Trash Mash-Up partners with community-based organizations to provide a creative environmental and cultural curriculum. TMU builds “Maskostumes” with participants while raising environmental and cultural awareness. Participants construct “Maskostumes” which are original pageant masks and costumes inspired by traditions from around the world.  The participants will learn the inspiration behind the “Maskostume” design and the purpose of the overall project as well as an environmental issue associated with the project.

Mash-Up Bash is a public performance pageant. This new urban tradition enhances the importance of recycling and cultural diversity through a community celebration. Transforming parks and city squares with a visual spectacle made of music, movement, and “Maskostumes”, spectators enjoy works of art created from things discarded by one person and given new life through another’s imagination. With trash bag-boas and bottle-cap chain mail, Trash Mash-Up and the Mash-Up Bash creates creative connections and raises environmental awareness throughout our community as we connect our creative traditions to our collective future.